Hello my friends!

Everyone seems to have a blog these days, so why not me? 

I decided to have a blog to discuss topics and issues about something that is so enormously important to me (and I hope to you also) – MUSIC!

I am going to talk about my experience with music, different genres, types of music, instruments, styles and discuss issues/problems that I see and deal with in that field all the time. Also I am going to deliver you my vision on how to fix or to deal with them. 

First, I am going to tell you my story, how I became a musician.

It all goes back to the year of 1994 when I first started to learn music. I came from a family of musicians, but in my early life I’ve never thought of learning music. Even though I loved to listen to music and like many others at that time had a dream to become a pop singer.

My first step in music began when my mom offered to teach me piano after she caught me trying to play the guitar that we had in our home. I agreed. The learning actually was more fun that I expected and after a while I decided to go study in music school. In case you didn’t know what I mean by music school, it’s a special school for kids separate from regular school where you can go study particular music. It was and still is very popular in Eastern Europe and countries of the former Soviet Union.  

They didn’t take me for piano class because I was too old (I was almost ten), but offered me either guitar or accordion classes. After thinking a while I decided to study domra! 

For those who don’t know what domra is: domra is a Russian folk instrument that came from the Kasakh folk instrument called dombra and became very popular in Eastern Europe. It looks a lot like a mandolin, but only having three strings.

So I went to study Domra in music school and a little later joined the school orchestra. It was a lot of fun! It was an all new world to me. Playing music with other people, feeling the importance of what you are doing, learning a lot of new pieces and meeting a lot of new people; it was just simply amazing! I’ve been in orchestras ever since with the exception of five years living in Vermont.

Music gave me a lot, more than anything a self purpose. It helped me to go through a hard time.

Having a stutter was making it hard to communicate and do well in regular school but going to the music school, orchestra was a whole new world that I came to. A world where I was good at things and successful. I participated in concerts, competitions, different events etc. I met a lot of amazing musicians. In one word it was an amazing experience! 

After school I continued my education at State College of Music and Art. When I was a senior at the college, I joined The Don Russian Folk Orchestra state philharmonic where I started my professional career. I traveled a lot with this orchestra, and we had a lot of concerts. That experience is something that I can actually write the whole book about. I will certainly talk about it in my future articles.

I hope you are going to read them and follow me on social media. 

Thank you and welcome to my blog!

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